Ford Transit Van Locks

Project Description

Ford Transit vans are one of the most popular and reliable vans on the road in the UK. Large national companies such as British Telecom the Royal Mail have utilised these vehicles in their fleet. Unfortunately the door locks on these vans are not the most secure and can be easily picked open, in fact there is a tool available on the internet that requires very little training and practise that allows someone to open the door to these van in a matter of seconds without any noise and more importantly with no signs of forced entry making any potential insurance claim very tricky.

The easiest solution is to fit secondary deadlocks to the back doors of these vans. Not only do they provide an actual physical guard but they also act as a visual deterrent too, this was recently proved to us by one of our customers that had had us fit a pair of deadlocks to his Transit van.

The following weekend three vans in his road were broken into and had thousands of pounds worth of kit stolen. The only one that didn't get hit was the one that had the additional deadlocks, and of the three vans that were broken into, two were Transits and one was a Citroen(which had considerable damage done to the door lock) none of the three vans had any additional security.

It could just be coincidence, but at Drummond Security we are very confident that there is a direct link to the actual visual deterrent that these locks provide.