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CCTV Surveillance

Drummond Security have a range of CCTV surveillance products available to install on your premises. From 4-16 way cameras to covert or high visibility cameras, we will have what you are looking for – whether you are looking for surveillance for your business or home.

Remote Viewing Access

Remote access to your CCTV system allows you to view your live CCTV feed online via smart phones, tablets and laptops allowing you to log into your system and view what is going on in your premises from anywhere in the world! As part of our CCTV installation service we will help you to set this up and connect online. With some systems you can also receive text messages or emails when the cameras are activated.

Internal and External CCTV Surveillance

We have a wide range of CCTV surveillance cameras available for both internal and external use on your premises. Our external cameras range from discreet to long-range equipment and are perfect for monitoring areas that are at risk of theft and anti-social behaviour. Whilst our internal CCTV cameras provide a way to keep the inside of your property safe and ensure that should something happen, you have it caught on camera.

Covert Cameras

Our covert cameras can be perfectly concealed and disguised, allowing you to record CCTV footage in secret. These are perfect if you are nervous about leaving your child with a babysitter or have general concerns about your home or business premises.

Night Vision

Our night vision cameras allow your CCTV surveillance system to be effective in both daylight and low light conditions using infrared technology. These cameras will automatically change to night vision when levels of light drop below a certain level.

HD Recording and Storage

We have a range of High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras that offer a high quality and sharper image and recording. The higher the quality of the image, the more likely someone can be recognised from the recording. These images can be stored on a PC or using a digital video recorder (DVR) to enable you view the images at a later date and share them with interested parties, such as the police.

Motion Cameras and Alarm Linking

Our motion detection security cameras provide high visibility images that turn on when they detect motion. This is very useful if you don’t want to store too much footage. CCTV surveillance cameras can be linked to an alarm in your property so that when the cameras are activated, an alarm will also be activated, ensuring that your premises are properly protected.

CCTV surveillance equipment works best alongside other security methods, so take a look at our access control services. For more information on our CCTV surveillance products and to find out about our installation services in Potters Bar and the surrounding areas, contact us today.


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