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Emergency Locksmiths

Locked Out

Have you ever stepped outside to take the bins out and had the door shut behind you,

Car keys Locked In The Car

Does your BMW have a nasty habit of locking it's self with keys on the inside, or maybe you were getting some tools out of the van when your slam lock shut and locked the keys in the back and now you are losing work as you're stuck on a job.

Broken door locks

Maybe you have come home from work and your front door doesn't seem to want to open. You have the key and it does what it's supposed to do but still the door won't open.

Lost Car Keys

You may even remember puting your car keys down when you got in from the gym last night but now as you're about to leave for work they seem to have vanished into thin air.

Roller Shutters

Was there a strange grinding sound on the roller shutter last night when you were closing up for the night and now the shutter won't open up first the thing in the morning?

Safe Opening 

It's one week to go before your dream holiday, you've gone got to get your passports out of the safe and the code doesn't work anymore, and to make maters worse you can't remember where you left the emergency overide key, now you're in a panic as you can't get inside.


These are all the types of scenarios that we come up against in everyday life that can really cause people a headache, however here at Drummond Security we have the tools and the emergency locksmiths with the skills to get things sorted for you in the quickest way possible way with the least amount of interuption to your day. Day or night just call 01707644454.


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