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Emergency Car Locksmiths

Emergency Car Locksmiths Services by Drummond Security

Emergency Car Locksmiths

Spare Car Keys

Everyone has heard of the tooth fairy, but not many people know about her mischievous cousin the spare key fairy. The spare key fairy is very fond of taking the spare car key for all types of vehicles, from Ford Transit Vans and Vauxhall Vivaro's, to Volkswagen's, Audi's, Toyota's, Honda's, Citroen and Peugeot's, Seat and Skoda. No vehicle is immune form this inconvenience, especially secondhand cars and vans.

Unfotunately with our busy lives, getting a replacement spare key is not always a priority, as it usually means booking it into the garage and either leaving it for the day or taking the day off, all of which can be a time consuming logistical nightmare, not to mention very expensive.

Here at Drummond Security we offer the perfect spare car key solution with our mobile car key cutting workshop. We can either come to your home address or place of work or you can book a slot at one of our shops so that we can make a brand new key for your car in a fraction of the time and with the minimum of fuss.

Lost Car Keys

If you have ever found yourself in the unfortunate position of losing your car or van key then you will know how helpless and frustrated it feels. The thought of not knowing when and how the situation will be resolved can be very unsettling for some, especially if your job relies on the use of your car or van.

Fortunately Drummond Security have many years of experience in lost vehicle key situations and understand the dilema and urgency our customers require.

Making new auto keys and remotes by the side of the road, in a public car park, place of work or at your home address is something that our auto locksmith specialises in. Whether it's a non remote key, a flip button remote or the very lastest keyless proximity remotes and smart keys, we are fully equipped to get you back on the road in the quickest time possible.

Car Locks And Ignition Repairs

Should you find that your ignition barrel is becoming stiff to turn or to take the key in and out then the chances are that the barrel needs to be serviced and repaired. Whilst most garages won't even attempt to repair the ignition barrel, the ones that do, usually change the door locks too when there is no need, as well as the ignition. This also means two new keys (if the spare key fairy hasn't struck) and a very large repair bill.

Drummond Security can normally repair faulty ignition barrels and door locks in under two hours using minimal parts which keeps the cost down, saving our customers lots of time and money in the process.

Keys Locked In The Car

At some point we have all had the misfortune of having our car keys locked in the car, from keys locked in the boot or still in the ignition with the engine running, to just seeing them frustratingly sitting on the drivers seat. The temptation can be to break a window but that just causes more problems, normally with longer term repercussions.
Drummond Security offer a very fast response time and can usually pick the lock open in under 5 minutes. Give us a try if you don't believe it, call 01707644454 for Potters Bar or 01438812100 for Knebworth and Stevenage.




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