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Van Locks

Van Locks and Security

As van drivers ourselves, van locks and security is something that we take very seriously. Most criminals see van thefts as an easy, victimless target that is covered by insurance, when in reality a lot of policies don't cover tools in transit, and even those that, do it is usually for a fraction of the value of the tools that are taken. Once you factor in the loss of earnings and inevitable repair costs to the van door you are usually looking at a bill thousands of pounds.

Deadlocks (Hook locks)

Deadlocks are secondary mechanical locks that are fitted to the load area doors and work in conjunction with the factory fitted lock. The best way to describe how they work is to compare them with the back door of a house. Normally when you come in from your garden you would have to physically lock the door with a key, this is exactly the same with the deadlocks that we fit.

At Drummond Security we feel that this is the best way of securing the load area of a van, as once the lock is fitted the door is protected by two locks instead of just the one factory fitted lock. The only disadvantage of a deadlock is that the van driver needs to actively lock the door, if they forget to lock it the lock is rendered useless.

We normally recommend securing the load area only as most vans have a bulkhead that separates the cab area from the load area so there is no real need for the driver and passenger doors to have additional locks.

Please note that we always fit the hook lock varient to the vast majority vans. The only time we use the older deadbolt version is when the vans body styling won't allow us to.

Slam locks

Slam locks work in the opposite way to a deadlock and a very similar way to most front door locks. As the door handle is disconnected, the only way to open a slam lock is by using a key, much like a front door. The main advantage of a slam lock is that the driver does not need to keep locking the doors, especially useful for drivers that have multi drops such as courier drivers. The disadvantage of slam locks is that drivers can easily lock their keys in the back of the vehicle which can be frustrating and expensive, and they are not an additional lock.

For safety reasons we NEVER fit slaloms to the cab area of a van as this can be very dangerous in the event of an accident.

The Ultimate

The ultimate lock can combine the best of both the deadlock and the slam lock set up. In its standard set up the ultimate lock comes as a surface mounted, bolt through deadlock with an intimidating and obvious visual deterrent. We can however have the ultimate lock set up to lock automatically, therefore acting as a slam lock and a deadlock in one lock. This lock is only really designed for the load area, so should you require the cab area to be fitted with additional locks we would recommend regular deadlocks.

Rep locks

Rep locks are high security barrels specifically designed for Ford Transits and Transit Customs. They replace the original locks with a high quality stainless steel anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-spin barrel and bezel which not only withstand these types of attacks but they can usually be used to repair the damage done by an attack, especially when the barrel no longer works.

Repair and Protection Plates

External Shields provide protection against the door skin being attacked in at the latch to gain access to internal door mechanism. They can also be used as a cheaper alternative to using a bodyshop repair service as we can fit usually fit them on site while you work. Available in Black and Stainless Steel, we can also fit intenal latch shields for added security along side loom gaurds and handle shrouds.

Here at Drummond Security we can offer the best possible solutions tailored to your van model to deter the majority of would be attacks, at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

To find out more about the types of locks that best suit your van, please call us on 01707644454 for Potters Bar or 01438812100 for Knebworth.

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